Backpacks the current must-have Fashion Accessory for Women

Backpacks the current must-have Fashion Accessory for Women

Catwalk Collection Handbags are getting very savvy when it comes to new designs. Not only are backpacks getting more stylish but they’re geared up to carry all the latest technology from smart phones to iPads and even laptops.

Fern is a nicely shaped medium sized leather backpack which is very durable. Our customers love the fact that you can put clothes in the front opening section but there is a 'hidden' rear opening for your more valuable items such as purse and smart phone. It’s also very fashionable right now and comes in myriad colours for any occasion: Black, Brown, Grey, Red, Tan and Navy Blue.

Our backpacks come with a handy top grab handle to make them easy to lift and lower to the ground. Long shoulder straps allow wear fashionably low on the back or, slung casually over one shoulder. The rear opening helps to thwart would-be thieves if you’re out and about on the street or down the London Underground.

Backpacks are super cute and easy to carry around. If you’re travelling, quite often you need to keep your hands free for other jobs such as dealing with tickets, eating on-the-hoof or, for holding your hat on when it’s windy! A backpack is useful for storing a change of outfit when travelling from hot countries to cold ones and vice versa.

Different colours can alter the look and feel of your outfit. A black leather backpack worn with a black leather jacket is very Rock n Roll; think Taylor Swift! Tan is a popular holiday colour and goes with most outfits. Match sandals to backpack to give lift to your ensemble.

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